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We often get asked if snake proofing is successful. Well, here are some of the experiences of our clients, in their own words:

Hastings and I send our thanks for a job well-done. We encountered our
first rattler on the path today. Hastings was aware of it first and
actually did the right think and back up. As he had been jumping at every
lizard in the wash, I looked and saw what was probably a diamondback neatly
coiled in the dappled shade of an overhanging mesquite tree. The snake
then did the snake thing and rattled and hissed, then stretched along the
path. As you had suggested turning around and leaving, this is what we did.

Thanks so very much for your part in making a fiesty Scottie aware that all
in the wild is not friendly.

Cave Creek Arizona


I used to have a dog that would approach rattlesnakes. Since having my dog trained at your school,
we have encountered three snakes, and in every instance my dog ran in the other direction.
He most certainly would have been bitten if it had not been for the training.

Mesa, Arizona

Tuesday night I was watching the baseball game on TV.
Ugly game, so when the dog needed to go outside I was glad to oblige.
The dog immediately began barking wildly and cowering. I had never seen
our 92 pound Lab cower from anything. So back in side and the ball game.

Upon reflection it occurred to me that based upon the snakeproofing our dog has had
that this is the reaction I would have expected when encountering a rattlesnake.
So with flashlight and no dog I went back outside to check.
There by the pool and under a chair was a rattlesnake. The problem now was what to do about it.

Upon reflection I conclude:
Snakeproofing at Partners works as advertised, it protected my dog and my family.

The snake has a new home!

The entire encounter could not have concluded better.


Scottsdale Arizona


Snakeproofing saved my dogs life. One day while hiking, he would not walk down a path,
and when we looked closer, a rattlesnake was lying there.

Nancy (Scottsdale AZ)


I had my dog trained with another school called (name withheld), and was very unhappy with the response.
They allwed me to handle my dog, and also allowed the snake to strike and bite my pet.
Even though the snake had been defanged, I still had to take him to the emergency clinic for treatment.

In addition, some weeks later I found a snake in the desert, and my dog walked right up to it.

When I heard about your facility I was very nervous. But the people could not have been more helpful.
They took care of everything, trained my dog for me, and I left with a much better taste in my mouth.

Thank you for your kindness and good work.

(Name withheld upon request)
Scottsdale Arizona

(Training Directors note: The technique used by Partners is very different from other trainers.
We have spent years developing a program that is effective, humane and safe. That is not to say the older technique of using defanged snakes doesn't work; just that ours has shown better results. To date, not one of the many thousands of dogs trained by us has been injured by a snake during the training process.) - Where the safety of your dog comes first
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