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Indoor training area
Group class on training field
Indoor training center
Outside play areas
Swim training

Partners is situated on a ten-acre property in the beautiful Cave Creek area of North Scottsdale.
Our facility is easily located on the corner of Cave Creek Road and Forest Pleasant Place, which is one block North of Lone Mountain Road.
Our school boasts a huge outdoor floodlit grass training arena, indoor air-conditioned training center, indoor air-conditioned kennels, a reception, office, restrooms and staff facilities.
Our facility has 50 indoor kennels, 25 outdoor play areas and 30 training crates.
Another building houses a full time professional movie and video production facility. This also includes an indoor sound stage, soundproof recording studio and high-definition video and editing suites.
There is also an indoor 18 horse stall barn, grooming studio and kitchen.
And for those that require swim training, we have a full size 10 foot deep pool to teach in.



Our entire facility is climate controlled, featuring three state-of-the-art electronic Trane X-19 air conditioning units.
Any of the three units can run the entire facility, in effect providing us with two backups.
In addition the kennels also have a modern Trane Clean Effects Air Scrubber, to keep the kennels fresh and clean.

The training facility is also fully fenced to provide a safe and comfortable surrounding to learn in.



Our recently completed training facility and kennels was constructed with new high tech materials.
Partners is the FIRST and ONLY kennel in the United States to be built with this system, normally used only in high end custom homes and commercial buildings.

The 14-inch thick walls were constructed with a high-tech foam, steel and concrete system. No wood means no use of trees, as well as minimal fire, mould, storm or water risk.

Using this foam and concrete block These have numerous advantages. They provide a highly efficient thermal control system, with an R-50 factor. This is higher than any block, wood or insulated wall.

In addition, the walls are covered in EcoCrete coating, which is specially formulated to resist moisture, improve cooling, and reduce sound transmission.

No expense was spared in designing this new facility.



At Partners everything we do is aimed at getting results.
We believe it is our responsibility to educate our clients and their dogs under the best possible conditions.
This is why we place so much emphasis on facilities.
Having a quiet facility means better concentration and focus.
Having access to crates allows us to structure and control a dogs time.
Having outdoor playtimes that are monitored and carefully structured allow us to teach dogs how to behave in a pack.
Having agility facilities allows us to exercise and channel a dogs energy in a positive and motivational manner.
Having our own production facilities allows us to teach our trainers how to recognize and work with problems.
Having a staff of highly experienced instructors allows us to provide the best possible help to both dog and handler.
All of this comes at a cost, but the benefit to the dog is what really counts.
That is why we get the respect, reputation and results we achieve.

Not luck, not talk, just a very high work ethic, and the right facilities! - Where the safety of your dog comes first
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